Mission & Vision


  • Maintaining a social status within the organisation and offering a respectable standard of living to all our employees.
  • Enchant customer with quality service by ascertaining new style through innovation and technology.
  • Constantly upgrade ourselves and endow ourselves with new concepts as we believe “Learning is a never ending process”.
  • Contribute towards the environmental conservation and promote such alternatives where in an awareness is created in the society at large.
  • At Rajvee Group we have taken a number of initiatives through which we have tried to make a difference to the lives of people around us.
  • The zeal to succeed in all fronts and make Rajvee Group of companies the most dynamic and versatile group.
  • We perform to excel and desire to create success stories on various platforms and keep on repeating them.



  • Creating a Positive Image of the Collection Industry.
  • Introducing a Positive approach towards the customers and the Financial Institutions so as to facilitate a win-win situation in the Bank Collection Industry.
  • Conceptualizing and creating a New Idea of Live Kitchen, Incorporating the ideology of offering new and unique services to the hospitality industry. A Never Before ideology.
  • Maintaining the Quality and Precision in the Manufacturing Business of Winding Wire and creating a benchmark for everyone.

In the past the Bank collection Agency was termed as Negative business because of the approach of the collection agencies. However with Rajvee Collection Services entering into the market created a buzz in the industry with its positive approach and a unique methodology introduced in the collection process. Rajvee Management Services strives to introduce a new culture in the industry by approaching the clients with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm which facilitates a smooth operation. This has generated a holistic effect on the overall Collection Agency Business. The financial institutions have also experienced a better approach and this has resulted into huge success for all the associates involved in this industry.

The Brain child of the Director Mr. Gajendrasinh Barad, the live Kitchen concept has worked wonders. This unique concept of serving the live counters of various cuisines has created an effect which is overwhelming and at Rajvee Food Court this is just the beginning.

Maintaining the highest possible Quality standards has become the habit, when venturing into the Manufacturing industry the biggest challenge was to establish ourselves and create a brand image which was synonymous with Quality. The winding wire manufacturing unit maintains stringent precision and quality standards.